Dermalogica Custom $65

Sometimes we need someone who fully understands what our skin is trying to tell us and knows just what we need to do to improve it.  This is where our Dermalogica customized facial comes to the rescue!

We aim to deliver the best 100% accurate and overall best experience/facial possible!  A complete Face Mapping skin analysis will allow us to really understand all areas of concern and how to correct them.  Including extractions, exfoliation, masques, etc.  All products and technical services will be adapted specifically for your needs.  We will enhance your experience with a facial massage (chest and shoulders included).  We will guide you into an ultimate relaxation zone, leading you to no other but our calendar and guest area, just to pre-book your next facial!  Our therapist will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, as well as recommendations for you.

Author Info

Brandy Clinton